Trinity Quilters

Trinity Quilters

Trinity Quilters meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of nearly every month at 9:00 am to create bed quilts and lap quilts for Lutheran World Relief, Mission Waco, Care Net and other missions. Contact Jean Hoffmeyer for more info. 

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Working to finish the 2016-2017 World Relief Donation

Just another month left before all the quilts will be sorted, counted and packed up to ship to Maryland to the Lutheran World Relief warehouses. On February 6, the quilters made another milestone! 13 quilts were assembled, tied and finished on the edges! An additional 3 quilts were finished, having been assembled and tied in January. TWO more are ready to finish in the closet, making a total of 18 quilts added to the count!



The quilters are looking for some willing ladies who can just sew a straight seam.  Each time the quilters meet they finish 10-12 quilts.  It has become a challenge to have enough tops ready with the ladies who are sewing now.  If you would be willing to just follow the directions for an already designed quilt and sew blocks together, please contact Jean Hoffmeyer at 845-4168.  You can do all of this in the comfort... [more]


Latest Update

We just received word that 15 quilts were shipped in late September to Mali, in West Africa. LWR works with the National Solidarity Fund to fight chronic poverty, strengthen development projects in urban and rural communities through acceess to clean water, health education and sustainable farming practices. Our quilts will be serving AIDS patients as well as women and children in need of other medical attention.


Where all these quilts go

Eventually all these quilts go to the warehouse in Maryland to be baled and readied for distribution where needed. Pictured are 2015-elelcted LWML President Patti Ross and former LWML President Linda Reiser, now serving on the Lutheran World Relief Board of Directors.

Update from LWR!

We were just notified that our quilts have been shipped directly to two mission fields. On July 13, 2016, several bales of quilts, including some of ours, were shipped to the Eastern... [more]


100 Quilts for Lutheran World Relief

Trinity Quilters filled 37 boxes with 100 quilts for Lutheran World Relief. Three quilts were reserved to donate to the annual fund raising auction at Clifton Lutheran Sunset Home; one for Camp Lone Star's fund raising auction. Others distributed throughout the year, not included in this count, were given to shut-in members of the congregation, Hospice, and Care Net. We give thanks for the generous sharing of materials, time, and skill to create... [more]


Quilt Count Update

The count as of February 22 was 103! Seven more quilts were completed and more designed and sent home for sewing. Quilts will be sorted and packed for shipping to Lutheran World Relief on Monday, March 28. Stay tuned for a final grand total!

One quilt has been designed and completed with the assistance of the group. Janet Hurta did the machine quilting. This quilt will be set aside for a special purpose.


Banner Day for Quilting

Trinity Quilters put together a record TWELVE quilts on the Monday, September 28 work day! That brings the growing collection to around 58 quilts that will be distributed through Care Net, Hospice, and Lutheran World Relief. This amount is already greater than the number of quilts finished and distributed last April. Praise God for the generosity of these women to craft and share a beautiful reminder of God's love and mercy.


Tracking Quilts Made for Lutheran World Relief

Some of our quilts shipped to the Lutheran World Relief warehouse in Maryland after Easter have been shipped to the West African country of Mali. This shipment of quilts and kits will be distribruted through the national Solidarity Fund serving AIDs patients as well as women and children in need of other medical attention.


24 Quilts Provided to Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Lutheran World Relief staff has shared 9,240 quilts and 1.000 personal care kits to the Nepalese people whose homes have been destroyed.


34 Mission Quilts Delivered to Syrian Refugees

Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011, many Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. Since 2011 Lutheran World Relief has been responding to the Syrian refugee crisis and thousands of families have been given access to items that fulfill their basic needs. Thanks to your generosity, in addition to meeting immediate needs through shelter repair kits, cash-for-work, and water filtration projects, LWR will also be distributing Quilts,... [more]