Holy Communion at Trinity

Holy Communion at Trinity

We celebrate Holy Communion at both services on the second, fourth, and fifth Sunday of each month.

We believe this to be a holy Sacrament established by our Lord Jesus Christ. We receive the Real Presences of Jeasus, meaning His True Body and Blood in With and Under the bread and the wine. Through it we are blessed with forgiveness of sins, stronger faith, renewed spiritual life, and the gift of everlasting life. 

If you are a first time visitor please speak with the Pastor or an Elder before communing. Or, if this is not possible, read the "About Holy Communion" statement on the Connect Card. If you will not be communing, you may stay seated and participate in the singing. Children are welcome to come forward with their parents to receive the Pastor's blessing. Older children who are not communing should fold their hands indicating that they are not receiving the Lord's Supper.

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